Consent is Hot

“Consent is Hot”


NFT minted on Ethereum blockchain

Edition of 1


This work has several layers, it is a statement of safety for Pride Month and it also addresses dynamics of love.

Primarily this piece is a “note-to-selfie”, a reminder for survival juxtaposed directly on top of a self portrait. These notes are a practice I started doing privately, placing them on the walls in my studio, as points of grounding to help get me through difficult times.

The image features a (hot) body (of fire) amidst clouds of smoke. Burning on many levels.

Inspired by bigoted comments on instagram from folks who claim to be healers, therapists or so-called “safe spaces,” this work addresses kink-shaming and a gross misconception about relationships outside of what is considered heteronormative.

People who are into kink or in relationships that fall outside of what is considered “straight” are not predators or predatory.

To me, Kink is an expression of intimacy, consensual relationships built on trust and honesty. There is no shame. Most of these relationships are based on consent and permission, the most solid displays of love and respect.

This piece serves as a reminder to anyone who has been shamed, feels ashamed and also a reminder to keep our standards high and not to settle for anything less than the best. Kink is for lovers 🌹✨