Not a Sucker

“Not a Sucker”


NFT minted on Ethereum blockchain

Edition of 1


This work has several layers.

Primarily this piece is a “note-to-selfie”, a reminder for survival juxtaposed directly on top of a self portrait. These notes are a practice I started doing privately, placing them on the walls in my studio, as points of grounding to help get me through difficult times.

The image, which is an NFT version of a piece I created on 228 label, features an open mouth, with soft tongue – seemingly submissive but also be harsh and capable of force, licking and biting into an ice cream cone at the same time.

One way to look at it physically and metaphorically: Don’t mistake the tongue’s kindness for the teeth’s weakness.

It applies to all situations where someone has chosen to be kind. A gentle tongue (kind words) can be welcoming but you must also remain respectful or be ware of the bite.