Real Eyes

Real Eyes


“Real Eyes”
Series: Reminders for Survival
ink on adhesive paper (228 label)
approx 4.5 x 5.5 inches

Work arrives in the 5 x 7 inch frame pictured

Certificate of authenticity included.

Lyrics by Thin Lizzy

This series on adhesive 228 US postal labels merges a few different aspects of my practice while carrying on a tradition within the Graffiti community.

With the proliferation of smart phones, a cultural obsession of taking self portraits, which would come to be formally known as “selfies” emerged. Many of my paintings address this phenomena, and go further to include my own self portraiture as a subject of my work.

I then combine this attention with a deeper distraction, the true intention behind the work, communicating in plain letters (with almost no hint of Graffiti style), phrases that I’ve collected over the years. These phrases somehow provide wisdom and reminders of important life lessons that I’ve accumulated from various sources.

Layering all of this on a 228 label, a phenomena of its own within the Graffiti culture, brings this full circle and completes the identity of these pieces – true self portraits.

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